1st Annual Casco Bay Box Lacrosse Tournament Announced

The Yarmouth Lacrosse Boosters have announced their sponsorship of the 1st Annual Casco Bay Box Lacrosse Tournament at Travis Roy Arena, North Yarmouth Academy over the weekend of April 10-12, 2015.  This will be a competitive, recreational tournament to introduce youth players to box lacrosse.  With four feet of snow presently on the ground, this tournament will also give players a guaranteed opportunity to play competitive games early in the season.  To receive email updates regarding the tournament and schedules, click on Follow on the upper left portion of this page and type in your email address.

Box lacrosse is the primary form of lacrosse in Canada, and is growing rapidly in the United States as coaches and players discover the unique skills that it develops.  A recent article in Inside Lacrosse examined the success of Canadian box players in NCAA lacrosse and college coaches’ recruitment of players with box experience.  The article can be found at:


Tournament rules and registration information may be found on this website’s menu pages.

  • GAMES: Each team is guaranteed three games with the possibility of an additional Championship Game at each age level.  A Championship Cup will be awarded to the winning team in each age division, and the winning team’s name will be engraved on the Cup.  For the tentative game schedule, please click on the Schedule page on the menu.
  • COST: The cost per team is $475 (approximately $30-$40 per player).  Each team should plan on rostering at least 11 players (10 runners and a goaltender), but no more than 16 players.  Free game photos will be posted on-line for players to download.
  • AGE LEVELS: The age levels are Bantam Minor (Grade 7) and Bantam Major (Grade 8).  Younger players may play up a grade level, which is left to the discretion of each team.  There is a limit of 8 teams for each age level.  Due to limited rink time, we cannot accommodate additional teams.  We expect this tournament to fill up quickly.
  • TEAMS: This is a competitive, recreational tournament.  All teams must be based on town residency, town lacrosse programs or private school attendance.  Selection for the team may not be based on a tryout or skill level.  All players must play equally and good sportsmanship requires that all programs register balanced teams to ensure good competition.  This is not a school-based or sponsored event.  The Boosters in each town should take the lead on entering a team.
  • EQUIPMENT:  Full goalie protective equipment, which includes neck guard, upper body pads, hockey pants & leg pads, will be provided for all teams.  Players must wear required field lacrosse equipment, but may also wear rib or kidney pads if they wish.  Players may wear certified hockey helmets or certified field helmets.  This should go without saying, but all players must wear a protective cup.  All players must wear wear arm or elbow pads and have biceps pads attached to their shoulder pads.  Although many field players remove these pads, box players always wear them.  Each coach is required to ensure his team is properly equipped.

To reserve a team’s spot in the tournament, please send a completed registration form along with a check made payable to Yarmouth Lacrosse Boosters in the amount of $475 to:  Tom Marjerison, 27 East Elm Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096.

Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis until the limit of teams is reached.  All registrations and tournament fees must be received by March 13, 2015.  If your team is registered, you will receive an email notification, and a final team roster with executed releases from each player and coach must be received by April 3, 2015.

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