Game Results and Rule Modifications

The game results from Friday’s and Saturday’s games and the standings have been updated and can be found on this website.  Greely and Scarborough will meet in the Curry Cup Championship on Sunday at 12 noon.  In their round-robin game, Greely edged Scarborough 3-2.

In the Evans Spears Memorial Cup Standings, South Portland is undefeated in Bracket A and Falmouth is undefeated in Bracket B.  The Evans Spear Memorial Cup Game will start at 1 pm on Sunday

Rule Modifications

After discussions, we have modified the following rules for tournament play.

  1. The shot clock rule has been eliminated due to the difficulties posed by the lack of a shot clock at NYA.  The 10-second advancement rule will still apply in man-down situations.
  2. Players may pass the ball back to the goalie in their crease.  This is the standard field rule.
  3. The over-and-back rule has been modified so that it is only triggered if a player carries the ball back-over the line separating the offense zone and neutral zone or passes the ball directly back to a teammate from the offensive zone to the neutral or defensive zone.

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