FAQs for Beginning Box Lacrosse Parents

What is box lacrosse?

Box lacrosse, often referred to as box or boxla, is the form of lacrosse traditionally played in Canada.   Box is played in hockey rinks after the ice is taken out and is a 5 v 5 game (plus a goalie) in contrast to the 9 v 9 field lacrosse set-up.  There are no off-sides in box, long poles are not allowed, and there is a 30-second shot clock.  Because there are no offsides, players play both offense and defense.  Goals are 4′ x 4′ and goalies are fully padded similar to hockey goalies.

What equipment does my child need?

If your child is a hockey player, his or her hockey equipment is more than adequate.  You do not need to buy a new set of equipment.  Each player needs:

  • Hockey or lacrosse helmet & mask (box players wear hockey helmets);
  • Hockey or lacrosse shoulder pads;
  • Hockey or lacrosse elbow pads or guards;
  • Hockey or lacrosse gloves (if your child keeps playing, lacrosse gloves are preferable since they allow more wrist movement);
  • Hockey jersey or lacrosse pinnie;
  • Protective cup;
  • Mouthpiece; and,
  • Lacrosse stick.

Runner gear

NOTE:  Players in Grade 7 and older will need rib/kidney pads and bicep pads for our summer league only.  We will supply all box goaltender equipment, which is shown in the photo below.

Goalie gear

What shoes should my child wear?

Players should wear basketball, indoor soccer or court shoes with clean soles.  Shoes with “gummy” soles are the best.  Although the colors are pretty ugly from an adult perspective, the soles of the Warrior Box 2.0 are a good example of a “gummy” sole.

Box Shoes
We are not endorsing any brand. These shoes are just used as an example.

Players should not wear running shoes since they will not grip well and their higher center of gravity will make it easier to roll an ankle.  The absolute worst shoes to wear are Nike Roshes or shoes with similar soles.  They have the same gripping power as a pair of slippers.

Why should younger players start with box lacrosse?

Don’t take our word for it.  The top lacrosse coaches in the country believe box lacrosse is the best program for younger players.

According to Syracuse Head Coach John Desko: “all kids should play box lacrosse first.”   Similarly, Bill Tierney, Head Coach of NCAA Champion Denver University and former Head Coach of Princeton, agreed:

If I had my choice, I would have every player under the age of twelve play box lacrosse exclusively or at least a majority of the time.  The number of touches of the ball and the ability to develop better stick skills in a game of box lacrosse, far surpasses what happens to young people on a 110 x 60 yard field.

In fact, US Lacrosse recently copied USA Hockey by instituting a Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) to emphasize the importance of small area games to develop lacrosse skills.  These small area game are exactly what we play in box lacrosse.

How do I register for box lacrosse?

Starting on Saturday, March 19th, we will have free Try Box Lacrosse sessions for the entire week.  Every player is guaranteed a spot in at least one of our free sessions.

To play in these sessions, players merely need to join AAU.  The cost is $14 per year.

AAU membership will allow players to participate in any off-season sports activities at Casco Bay Arena, including futsal soccer, street hockey and in-line hockey.

Click Here to Join AAU

On March 12th, we will post on-line sign-ups so that you can reserve a roster spot for one of our free sessions.  We guarantee that every player will have a chance to sign-up for a free session.  Players are limited to signing up for two free sessions.

How do I sign up for Casco Bay Box Lacrosse Programs

We will be posting an on-line registration link shortly.  For more information regarding our programs, please go to our AAU Programs page.

Are you looking for coaches and team administrators?

Absolutely.  If you are interesting in helping out, please email Tom Marjerison at TMarjerison@nhdlaw.com.  Casco Bay Athletic Club will pay for coaches’ registration and training fees and coaches’ children will receive 50% off their registration fees.

FMI go to our FAQ Page or our Hockey & Lacrosse Page.

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