Hockey & Lacrosse

Although the Casco Bay Athletic Club is an independent organization separate from Casco Bay Hockey Association, our roots are in hockey.  Similarly, box lacrosse and hockey go together.  If you want to be a better hockey player, you should play box lacrosse.

Brendan Shanahan, Paul Kariya, John Tavares, and Wayne Gretzky are just a couple of the thousands of past and present NHL players who played box lacrosse growing up.

Why Hockey Players Should Play Box Lacrosse
  • Lacrosse and hockey are very similar sports;
  • Lacrosse and hockey are played in the same rinks;
  • Hockey players normally excel in lacrosse;
  • It’s a great method to increase physical fitness in hockey’s off-season;
  • Team sports build self-esteem, respect, integrity and fair-mindedness;
  • Both sports teach leadership skills;
  • Playing lacrosse prevents sport burn-out by playing a new, fast-paced sport;
  • A player can learn to play both offensive and defensive positions and make a quick transition from each;
  • Playing lacrosse reinforces the importance of quickness and agility around the net;
  • Lacrosse increases hand-eye coordination through stick handling;
  • Lacrosse players learn to keep their head up and be more aware of their surroundings;
  • Defensive skills are taught with individual and team concepts;
  • Lacrosse teaches the creativity of fakes, back passes, and quick shots;
  • Lacrosse is run in 5-player units and helps the hockey player practice playing a team concept.

NHL - Tavares - Lacrosse

Can you find Wayne Gretzky?

Gretzky Team Photo


NHL Hall of Famers Joe Niewendyk, Gary Roberts, and the 1985 Junior A Champions
NHL Hall of Famers Joe Niewendyk, Gary Roberts, and the 1985 Junior A Champion

Click for a great article on how lacrosse made Joe Niewendyk one of the top scorers of his era.

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