Tactics Videos

Box lacrosse is a faster variant of field lacrosse played in a hockey rink with the ice removed.  Offensive and defensive plays are similar to basketball with the use of picks and screens to create offensive opportunities.  The limited time and space and the speed of box lacrosse make it a great training tool for field lacrosse players.

Box lacrosse consists of 6 v 6 competition (5 runners and 1 goaltender).  The runner positions are left crease, right crease, left shooter, right shooter, and point.

Most offensive schemes are similar to basketball or an umbrella power play in hockey where the pointman is in the middle at the top of the 24′ arc, the shooters are off to each side along the arc and the creasemen are down low near the net.  Normally, a left-handed shot will play on the right side.  Offensive players will use screens and movement to create defensive mismatches and scoring opportunities.

Runners play both offense and defense, and teams change on the fly through the exchange box. These on-the-fly changes normally occur during changes in possession.








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